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March Madness Challenge

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Let’s get ready to Rumble!!!!

Here’s how this challenge is going to work.

Each week there will be a new exercise. You must complete the exercise each day of the week. At the end of the week on Saturday I will post a check-in picture and for those of you who completed the challenge each day that week, you comment on the picture with a 💪🏻 or “done”. You can only Comment 1 each week. If you don’t have your comment in before 9 pm Saturday then your name will not count that week. If you complete the challenge each week you can have your name put into a price drawling a total of 4 times!!!!! At the end of the month the winner will be announced!!! Good luck everyone and invite your friends!!!! #MarchMadness #fitandfaithfitness #ChallengeAccepted #letsgetreadytorumble

Sarah Duesterbeck


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