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Ages 12 and up

December Classes are ready!

Looking to achieve your fitness goals with exciting and challenging workout routines? Our November fitness classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels!

Deborah Jacobusse-Venema
Sylvia Czerniak

December 16th we need your help; David is coming to take pictures of our center and trainers. We would love to have some of our clients (new and old) come and take pictures for classes, training and stock photos to be used later. Please reach out if this is something you want to help us with; we will offer a 25-dollar credit to whoever helps us.

Date 12/16/23

Time 8:30 and should take 1-2 hours max

We plan to use both levels and some outside shots as well.

TIA in advanced

Deborah Jacobusse-Venema
4 days ago · joined the group along with pam.

Sylvia Czerniak

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