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Not sure how to workout in May

Here's a balanced plan that includes strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises designed to keep you motivated and engaged. You can adjust the intensity and duration based on your fitness level:


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Strength Training

  • Tuesday, Thursday: Cardio

  • Saturday: Active Recovery or Stretching/Yoga

  • Sunday: Rest or Light Activity (like walking)



  1. Strength Days (Mon, Wed, Fri):Week 1: Full Body Workout (30 mins) Week 2: Upper Body/Lower Body Split (30 mins each) Week 3: Full Body Workout with added weights (35 mins) Week 4: Upper/Lower Split with increased intensity (35 mins each)

  2. Cardio Days (Tue, Thu):Week 1: 20 minutes moderate intensity (jogging, cycling) Week 2: 25 minutes of interval training (high intensity for 1 min, low for 2 mins) Week 3: 30 minutes steady state cardio at a moderate pace Week 4: 30 minutes of mixed interval training

  3. Active Recovery (Sat):Stretching or Yoga session for 20-30 minutes, focusing on flexibility and muscle relaxation.

  4. Rest Day (Sun):Complete rest or gentle activities like walking or leisure biking to keep active without stressing the body.


  • Consistency: Aim to stick to the workout schedule.

  • Progression: Try to increase the intensity or duration slightly each week.

  • Recovery: Ensure you have adequate rest and recovery, including good sleep and nutrition.

Feel free to mix in specific exercises you enjoy or replace certain activities with equivalents that match your fitness level and goals. Remember, the key to a successful fitness challenge is to stay engaged and listen to your body to avoid overtraining

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